What Makes Me 'Reactive' ?

I Sense Your Mood

I can detect your mood using your facial expressions and surroundings. This allows me to play something to cheer you up when you are down or relax you when you're stressed. My goal is to make you smile.

I Figure Out Your Activity

When you are running I can play something with a beat to match, play some driving music when you're on the go or something more mellow when you are just relaxing at home.

I Know What You're Into

I learn the artists you love and use this as the baseline for every single song reccomendation that I make. Similar to fine wine or George Clooney, I get better with age, constantly refining what I play based on what you like and dislike.

I Know Timing Is Everything

I understand that the music you want to hear when you're starting your day is vastly different to what you want to hear at night. I change the kind of music played so it is appropriate for the time of the day and day of the week.

Here Is Me Showing Off

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