The Right Song For Right Now

Patrick Quinn - Exec / Founder

Patrick is a music nut with a love for building amazing music technologies. He believes in a world where he is automatically played situation-appropriate, cringe-worthy music without his peers being any the wiser.

Desmond Swan - Financials

Des is a financial powerhouse having previously held key positions in some of the worlds leading retail brands. Des understands what it is that makes great brands tick and has spearheaded all aspects of the financial side of GRAMMA Music thus far.

Paul Doherty - Technicals

Paul's engineering prowess has allowed him to set up his own successful software company, now Paul and his crack team of developers have turned their technical expertise to help us build the next big thing in music recommendation.

Michael Quinn - Operations

Michael is the man with the plan who has guided several large multinationals to both financial success and acquisition. Michael's big picture thinking and attention to detail have ensured GRAMMA music has run like clockwork to date.

So What Is GRAMMA?

GRAMMA is the world's first reactive radio service which understands your mood, actvitiy and environment. It uses this understanding to play the perfect song for the moment based on your music taste. Our patented technology leverages, social media and smartphone sensor technology coupled with your music tastes to capture a snapshot of you in any given moment.


GRAMMA detects your mood using a combination of facial recognition and your online interactions in order to set the tone for the music it selects.


GRAMMA listens to the noise levels in your environment and dyanmically adjusts the volume of the music you hear.


GRAMMA automatically detects your current activity and speed and uses this to select music at the right tempo no matter what you're presently doing.


GRAMMA looks at the weather around you and adjusts the music you hear to reflect it.


GRAMMA uses the current time of day which allows it to play music of the appropriate energy level.


GRAMMA understands where you are, be it at work or at home and tunes the stream of music playing to suit your surroundings.

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